Character Overviews

03 Feb

Adam – Engaged to Sophie and interviewed by a local journalist regarding his fiancées death. The interview will become a major part in the storyline, as this will be used to convince audiences that Adam has been living a lie for the past 3 years.

Sophie – Adam’s fiancée and according to Adam, taken hostage by the Khat gang. Although the film never reveals what happens to Sophie, the concluding scene of Adam in front of the mirror, gives the connotations that he has in fact murdered Sophie. During the interview, Adam reveals how Sophie had a strong addiction to drugs and this tore their relationship apart, prior to her suspicious death. Sophie becomes the main character, which results in a number of twists in the plot. The fact that she isn’t alive during the interview provides audiences with an uncertain view on the reality behind the attack.

Khat – A small group who deal drugs and cause other illegal offences around the streets of Leicester and are immediately blamed for the attack on Sophie due to Adam’s statement after the attack. Khat is a real group however Adam uses them as an excuse to divert any attention to himself and linking him to the crime.

Journalist – A local freelance reporter who agrees to meet up with Adam, 3 years after the attack took place. The aim of the interview to is to describe what happened to Sophie and for Adam to ensure that the truth is not leaked out, even though the audiences notice what really happened, towards the end of the film.

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