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Character Overviews

Adam – Engaged to Sophie and interviewed by a local journalist regarding his fiancées death. The interview will become a major part in the storyline, as this will be used to convince audiences that Adam has been living a lie for the past 3 years.

Sophie – Adam’s fiancée and according to Adam, taken hostage by the Khat gang. Although the film never reveals what happens to Sophie, the concluding scene of Adam in front of the mirror, gives the connotations that he has in fact murdered Sophie. During the interview, Adam reveals how Sophie had a strong addiction to drugs and this tore their relationship apart, prior to her suspicious death. Sophie becomes the main character, which results in a number of twists in the plot. The fact that she isn’t alive during the interview provides audiences with an uncertain view on the reality behind the attack.

Khat – A small group who deal drugs and cause other illegal offences around the streets of Leicester and are immediately blamed for the attack on Sophie due to Adam’s statement after the attack. Khat is a real group however Adam uses them as an excuse to divert any attention to himself and linking him to the crime.

Journalist – A local freelance reporter who agrees to meet up with Adam, 3 years after the attack took place. The aim of the interview to is to describe what happened to Sophie and for Adam to ensure that the truth is not leaked out, even though the audiences notice what really happened, towards the end of the film.

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Plot Summary/Initial Ideas

My Initial idea for my video project was to produce material, which was similar to previous work I had completed, as this will enable me to work to my strengths. Previous projects included comedy game shows and documentary styled films. After analysing the brief for this project I decided to work on a short film, which was based around a certain tragedy or event and use dramatic scenery and twists to capture the viewer’s attention. I intend to target an audience, which prefers to see action-thriller type content, as the project will involve a series of connotations, explained in this proposal, taken from this particular genre.

The year is 2000 and crime is rife amongst the streets of Leicester following the millennium celebrations. A group, which call themselves Khat, have secretly been terrorising local residents leading up to the New Year festivities, for reasons, which are unknown. The story follows a local man named Adam, who has been involved in an ambush carried out by Khat prior to visiting a friends New Year’s Eve party. The attack involved his fiancée, Sophie being beaten and taken hostage. Sophie is the only character which has their name revealed to the audience throughout the film. Detectives give Adam a false name as they interview him throughout the footage, due to the confidentiality of the investigation.

The film begins just after the attack on Adam and Sophie has occurred. Adam is seen hiding in the back streets of the city, avoiding any contact from passers-by. As he returns home, reality sinks in that his fiancée could well be dead and here Adam begins to turn to depressive habits such as heavy drinking and smoking.  At this point the narration begins and continues throughout the rest of the film.

An interview between Adam and a local freelance journalist is a completely different set of visuals and audio from the rest of the film. The interview is used to help direct and narrate key aspects within the plot. Towards the end of the film it becomes apparent to audiences that the interview is being recorded live in a secret location, 3 years after the attack on Adam took place. During the interview Adam explains to the journalist what happened the night of the attack and is asked about the emotions felt regarding the abduction of his fiancée. The purpose of the interview is to bridge a sympathetic connection between viewers and Adam with the use of hard-hitting truths explaining his mental and physical state during the past 3 years. Adam talks about his fiancée and the wedding they had planned together prior to her abduction. He describes his hatred for the so called ‘Khat’ group after explaining to the journalist how he came face to face to one of the unknown gang members after supposedly being arrested by detectives shortly before Adam’s interview.

Throughout the narrative, footage shows Adam trying to get back on his feet and overcome the depression he is suffering with. For the past few years he has been living in isolation and determined to believe that Sophie is still alive. The film comes to an end when the journalist asks about Adam’s meeting with the attacker. He explains how the suspect’s “cold eyes” stared right through him, showing no remorse for his actions. We never find out what happens to Sophie however the journalist explains that she has been declared dead by authorities. Adam vows to decline this statement.

Twist/Director’s notes

The plot describes how Adam describes to the journalist, his personal emotions which he feels within 3 years. What the audiences don’t know is that Adam had murdered his fiancée, the night of the millennium celebrations. The guilt in which Adam has to now live with has forced him to live a lie. Adam explains that he doesn’t want his identity shown in the interview due to the possibility that a member of the Khat gang will come after him. The true reason is so that nobody can identify him and the journalist is persuaded to keep his identity a secret during the filming. Adam describes the relationship he once had with Sophie and the drug related events, which occurred. This caused stress and upset amongst the couple, prior to Sophie’s death however Adam is quick to change the subject when asked about the moments leading up to his millennium celebrations by explaining how alcohol had blurred his memory from that night. Adam lies by describing how he looked upon the face of one of the suspected gang members, when in truth; he looked upon himself in the mirror. Footage of Adam revealing himself from a dark coloured hood, in front of a mirror, will be filmed as the conclusion to the film.

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